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Nahta Salt Industries

The brand has grown the fastest in this category across salt brands. Our company looks forward for advancement in India. We make a constant effort to understand sustainability aspects of the various stages of our value chain. Salt is crucial for many industries. It is also used in the manufacturing of thousands of other commodities including glass, paper, rubber, and textiles as well as in water softening systems for industry and domestic use. When acquiring new products we strive to obtain the highest quality at the most competitive prices, as we know this is of the utmost importance to our customers.

We also offer our expertise in seeking new or alternative products for our customers through our extensive network of suppliers to the salt and chemical industries at Kutch district (Gujarat).

Nahta Logistics

Nahta logistics are committed to handle all your foreign trade needs quickly and efficiently .Nahta logistics stream less the import export process for both managers and novices. Qualified and experienced personnel proper infrastructure for operations. We provide solutions for complex import export documentation, operations. Cost effective speedy forwarding.

We believe that custom clearance is the most important and critical part in export & import business, where you need to put your trust and rely upon a company experienced to solve and move things as per your needs. We aim to set the bench mark in global logistics, with quality customer service through highly professional work team.

Nahta Chemfood Industries

Nahta chemfood industries operate in the sectors of consumer products, industry chemicals, agric-solutions and Nutraceuticals. Innovation at Nahta Chemfood is focused on delivering value to the customer. Its compounds make it one of the most important materials in the chemical industry, since more than 50% of the chemical products depend on it at a stage of their manufacture.

The first step of our planning process includes economic, social, technological, legal and environmental changes that may impact our business. This input ensures that sustainability is the basic foundation as our business strategy.


NSCPL is an absolutely customer-focused company committed to consistently offer better quality products and services

Our Values

Our company has strong values & specific mission to expand itself Globally. Our aim is to provide prompt, efficient and reliable services in the field of salt.

  • Our values are Safety, Passion, Integrity, Care and Excellence. We believe in exploring the greatness of the smallest.
  • We seek to improve and maintain an environment where everyone is provided with the opportunity for development
  • We keep professional, maximum value for money in our services for our clients.
  • We believe for truthfulness into business and honor, our commitments, transparency.
  • We are looking forward to be aware about our customer's choices, tastes, sharper focus and better clarity.
  • We try to contribute in export of Salt and Globalization of Indian Industries & irrespective commitments of the circumstances.
  • We believe in Honesty, Integrity and Transparency in all our transactions
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